Elder Kiemba O. Knowlin

I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord. –Psalms 122:1 kjv.

In our quest for the marks of mature spirituality and leadership ability, we must not bypass that quality which so completely characterized the life of Jesus Christ, the quality of unselfish servanthood.
Elder Kiemba Knowlin’s life is marked with an unparalleled love of servanthood and service to the body of Christ. ‘Serve without apologies’ is his mantra.

Born in Georgetown SC to Mr. Jimmy Lee Knowlin and Ms. Claudella Wilson, Elder Knowlin had a rough childhood. His family was not church goers and he was forced to spend time in foster care for a few years in Atlanta GA. But while in foster care his foster mom took him to church, there he experienced the glory of God and ultimately gave his life to the Lord in service and ministry.

Elder Knowlin was licensed to preach at the age of 15 at Greater Rising Star Baptist Church in Atlanta GA. In 1994 he joined the Living Word Church of God in Christ in Lawton, OK under the leadership of Superintendent Jimmie E. Stevenson. There, he was licensed as a minister in the Church of God in Christ and ordained in June of 1998 by Bishop L.V. Broom (Oklahoma Northwest Jurisdiction) where his service to the Episcopate began. Elder Knowlin has served legendary leaders of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. including Bishop A. LaDell Thomas Sr. (Texas Southeast Second Jurisdiction) of Waco, TX; Chairman Derrick W. Hutchins Sr.(General Council of Pastors and Elders) of Orlando FL, Bishop Cody V. Marshall (Northern Illinois Jurisdiction) of Chicago, IL. All preparing him for his assignment to Bishop J. Drew Sheard, General Board Member (Michigan North Central Jurisdiction) of Detroit Michigan.

Elder Knowlin currently serves as the Chief Adjutant, Chairman of the Auxiliaries In Ministry (AIM) Convention, and Executive Committee Member for the Michigan North Central Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. He also serves as a Sargent at Arms for the General Assembly (COGIC), Adjutant Liaison to the International AIM Convention (COGIC) under the leadership of Bishop Linwood Dillard Sr. and Adjutant Overseer for General Council of Pastors and Elders of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. In September 2017 Chairman Michael Eaddy appointed Elder Knowlin as the Chairman of the Judicial Review Committee for the General Council of Pastors and Elders with the responsibility
for the Education Campaign. This was the first time in the history of the Church of God in Christ that and Elder without charge has been appointed to one of the Senior Leader positions within the Council. He also appointed Administrative Assistant Dr. Robert Garner as Co-Chair of the Committee.

His service to God is matched only by his service to Country. Elder Knowlin served as a member of the United States Army for over 15 years as a soldier culminating as an officer branched Field Artillery. He deployed to Iraq in 2004 and 2007 where he served as Base Defense Operations Officer. He attained the rank of First Lieutenant in the US Army before transitioning to the Department of Defense as civilian employee of The US Government. In June of 2011 he was promoted to his current grad and position of GS-15/NH-IV as the Director of Logistics/Product Support Manager working in the Army Acquisition Corps.

The lessons of life sharpened his focus for academic pursuits. His academia began at the Westlake High School in Atlanta, GA, the graduating class of 1991. In 2001 Elder Knowlin graduated with honors and as a McNair Scholar from Cameron University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry with minors in Mathematics and Military Leadership. He also possesses a Certification in Program Management, Naval Postgraduate School, a Senior Level Certification in Life Cycle Logistics, Defense Acquisition University, and is a graduate of the Master Logisticians Course, Army Logistics University.

Elder Kiemba Knowlin is married to the wonderful Tausha Lynn Knowlin and they have seven beautiful children Nyazuri Ishaya, Zoe Keziah, Nzingha, Nehderi Ann, Kazi Kiemba, Zhenya Omega, Zo Kiemba Knowlin, and two beautiful granddaughters Lundyn Chase Knowlin, and Amari Ryan Burkett. He is a lover of God, Country and Family. His ministry will impress you with its authenticity and sincerity. Your spirit will be encouraged, your soul will be refreshed, and you will heal from your hurt.